Transforming Myanmar's Present, Shaping Myanmar's Future

About Us


PAE 6 Storey
Ikonic International focus on Property Development in Yangon Myanmar, such as affordable housing and mini condominium projects that fits the current local demand.

With the opening up of Myanmar, urbanisation results in the cities’s housing demand to be 3.5 times more than the supply. Development of one storey wooden houses into apartment buildings will help to ease the shortage issues.

Through our developments, we strive to build better homes for the local – From wooden houses to concrete apartment units with proper sanitary facilities.

With our own local owned construction company in Myanmar, we are able to control construction costs and quality, developing affordable housing projects that achieve reasonable profit margin within a short tenure , with a low capital outlay.


Our Story


Ikonic International is one of the Myanmar’s leading foreign owned company that focuses on providing mass market affordable housing. The company’s success is driven by its people and their commitment to get results the right way—by developing responsibly, executing with excellence, providing quality yield for investors and capturing new opportunities for further profitable growth.


The principal business activities of the company are those of property development and facility management.


Our Humble Beginnings


Ikonic International Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based, boutique property development company that specializes in residential property development in Myanmar.

Ikonic International trace its origin to 2009 where it was involved in trading and IT services. In 2012, the company entered Myanmar doing residential development. One important part of the company’s history was the investments made into various development projects that provided residences to the local. Through the past few years having an extensive network in Myanmar, and associated companies in collaboration, Ikonic have slowly strengthen its footprint in Yangon with several apartment buildings being constructed. Thus, Ikonic International established a distinctive knowledge and network to be considered as a niche foreign player in affordable housing projects.

Ikonic seeks to be a formidable property developer in Myanmar by providing residential development of utmost quality that are affordable to the general population. Ikonic International has currently developed a solid portfolio of residential properties. In the roadmap, Ikonic International has plans for at least 50 affordable housing projects in Yangon for the next 3 years. Ikonic International is also anticipating to develop 4-5 mid-tier to luxury condominiums to cater to the needs of the increasingly affluent population in Yangon in the foreseeable horizon.

As a socially responsible company, Ikonic International is fully committed towards community growth and well being. The company takes the lead as a foreign company shaping the housing environment of Myanmar. Bringing forth the service level and excellence of a Singapore-based firm to shape the landscape of Myanmar, Ikonic International seeks to bridge the sustainability and urban development to similar levels of other city-scape such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok etc.

Ikonic International: Transforming Myanmar’s present , Shaping Myanmar’s future.


Our Mission

Ikonic International aims to improve the living conditions of the local community through provision of affordable housing and other amenities.


Our Vision

To achieve industry leadership within Myanmar in quality developments, profitability and corporate social responsibility.